Explore these 10 must-see luxury convertible cars right now.
Explore these 10 must-see luxury convertible cars right now.

Explore these 10 must-see luxury convertible cars right now.

May 22, 2024

What are convertible cars?

Do you enjoy feeling the breeze through your hair while staying protected from downpours?

We wouldn’t recommend sticking your head out of a convertible cars window, which can be uncomfortable. But a luxury convertible cars offers a fantastic alternative, combining comfort with style. With spacious seating similar to a sedan, but with the added thrill of an open-air experience, it’s perfect for those who crave luxury. Plus, it’s equipped with top-notch performance and safety features. Whether it’s a breezy day or summertime, you can enjoy new adventures without sacrificing the convenience of a closed vehicle in the city.

In this blog article, we will come across the top 10 convertible cars that are a must-see.

Top 10 Convertible Cars In India

Bentley Continental GT Convertible

Bentley stands out as a top contender in the world of exotic and convertible cars, consistently maintaining its prestigious position. Among its impressive lineup is the Bentley Continental GT Convertible, a standout within the GT series with its unique features. Boasting an 8-speed transmission system and a fuel-efficient tank, it offers both performance and economy. Its plush seats, stunning jewel-like LED headlamps, and opulent wooden and metallic interior captivate the eyes of car enthusiasts, making it a truly breathtaking experience.

Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupé

The Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupé convertible cars epitomizes the phrase “luxury speaks for itself.” As one of the finest convertible models in the Rolls Royce Phantom lineup, it boasts exceptional craftsmanship and extensive customization options. However, its mileage doesn’t quite match its high price tag.

Although there’s only one variant of this car, it offers an impressive choice of 15 colors. The most recent pricing for this model, equipped with a powerful 6749 cc engine and efficient gearbox system, stood at INR 7.6 Crores. Unfortunately, it’s no longer in production and has been discontinued in India.

Mercedes S Class Cabriolet

Renowned as one of the top luxury convertible cars, the Mercedes S Class boasts a sleek appearance and a premium build. Powered by a 4663cc engine, it encompasses all modern luxuries and is engineered for unparalleled riding comfort. Available in an array of vibrant hues, it’s primed to stand out on the road.

The Mercedes S Class Cabriolet is priced at INR 2.33 Crores in India, a reasonable sum considering its impressive features. However, the manufacturer has discontinued production of this model, with no plans for its revival.

Mercedes S Class Convertible

The Mercedes S-Class series stands out for its unique approach, introducing impressive new versions in sedan, coupe, and convertible models. While the coupe and convertible retain their classic aesthetics, the sedan has undergone notable updates. What truly distinguishes the convertible cars is its luxury-focused technologies. The S560 Cabriolet, powered by a 4.0L Twin Turbo engine, offers an automated variant for an unparalleled racing experience. Its wide selection of dark hues exudes elegance, adding to its allure. Priced around 2 Crores in India, it represents a premium choice in the luxury automotive market.


The BMW Z4, a luxurious two-seater car, comes in vibrant, eye-catching colors.

BMW, a prestigious German brand, offers cutting-edge technologies in the luxury market at a comparatively lower price point than its rivals. This BMW model comes in two trim levels: the sDrive 20i and M 40i, both equipped with automatic gearboxes and priced between 71.90 and 84.90 lakhs (ex-showroom). With its swift speed and impressive performance, it delivers the ultimate sensation of wind in the hair. You’ll be drawn to this car for its stunning looks, superb performance, and undeniable allure.

Jaguar F-Type V8 Convertible R-Dynamic 5.0

Priced starting at 1.53 crores, Jaguar, a brand under Tata, presents its flagship model, the F Type V8 convertible cars. This variant comes with an automated transmission and a powerful 5000 cc engine, offering an economy of 9.4 km/l. In terms of comfort and convenience, it leaves nothing to be desired, providing a luxurious experience. Moreover, it comes equipped with four airbags, parking assistance, Apple Airplay connectivity, and various other features that enhance your journey with ease and excitement.

Aston Martin DB11

Aston Martin, the epitome of luxury, reigns supreme among all brands. Renowned for crafting high-end sports vehicles, Aston Martin meticulously handcrafts all limited editions, prioritizing the delivery of the utmost driving excellence to their customers.

The DB11 model comes in three variants: V8, V8 Volante, and V12, with the V12 being the flagship model priced at 4.20 Crore ex-showroom. Despite being a manual gearbox vehicle, this Aston Martin model boasts incredible amenities that will leave you in awe as you drive. With a petrol tank capacity of 78 liters and an engine displacement of 3998 cc, it offers both power and luxury.

Rolls Royce Dawn

Presenting the exquisite Rolls Royce Dawn convertible, unrivaled in its opulent appearance, performance, and craftsmanship within the premium automotive sector. Crafted with Rolls Royce’s signature expertise using the finest materials available, this vehicle boasts numerous customizable features, all for the price of 5.92 Crores, placing it among the most expensive convertibles on the market. When ordering, you have the opportunity to specify your preferences for the car’s appearance, ensuring a personalized driving experience.

In terms of specifications, the vehicle is equipped with a 6598 cc engine, delivering a mileage of 7 km/l.

Ferrari Portofino

When it comes to rapid sports cars, Ferrari is often the first brand that comes to mind. In 2017, Ferrari introduced its flagship model, the Portofino, available in a single configuration with an ex-showroom price of 3.50 Crores. It continues to assert its dominance in the luxury sports car segment. With its low-slung, aggressive stance reminiscent of Ferraris from the 1990s, the Portofino exudes a timeless appeal. Meticulously crafted inside and out, it effortlessly blends modern sophistication with vintage allure.

Rolls Royce Phantom Convertible

Rolls Royce, an emblem of prestige in the automotive realm, epitomizes elegance and opulence with its Phantom model. The latest addition to this lineup, the Phantom convertible launched in 2023, surpasses all expectations of luxury. Impeccably crafted with no flaws in sight, this masterpiece features a V12 engine, exquisite wheel designs, hand-embroidered silk interiors, and personalized customization options. Catering to the desires of millionaires and billionaires alike, this car commands a price tag exceeding 3 Crores.


Convertible cars represent the latest luxury trend sweeping the globe. However, caution is advised as some come with exorbitant prices that may not necessarily reflect the features offered. For the best deals and top luxury convertible cars brands in the pre-owned market, Flywheel Cars is the go-to website.

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