From Sedans to SUVs: 7 Top Cars Enhancing Safety with 360-Degree Automotive Cameras
From Sedans to SUVs: 7 Top Cars Enhancing Safety with 360-Degree Automotive Cameras

From Sedans to SUVs: 7 Top Cars Enhancing Safety with 360-Degree Automotive Cameras

May 10, 2024

Who wouldn’t want a 360-degree view? Many safety and comfort features have been introduced in cars to make this possible. You’re familiar with features like ventilated seats and digital dashboards. Now, the reality of a 360-degree automotive cameras is becoming more common, often found in luxury cars and beyond. This 360-degree car automotive cameras offers a comprehensive top-down view of the vehicle, aiding drivers in seeing what surrounds their car. This feature simplifies parking in tight spaces, making it a breeze. Let’s delve into the world of 360-degree car surveillance automotive cameras through this blog for a closer look.

Uses Of 360-Degree Camera In Cars

The inclusion of 360-degree car security automotive cameras has transformed the safety and driving experience of vehicles. These automotive cameras offer a comprehensive view of the vehicle and its surroundings, aiding drivers in navigating congested areas such as parking lots or busy city streets. This bird’s-eye perspective enables more precise parking and enhances overall safety on the road.

The extensive perspective reduces the risk of accidents by allowing drivers to spot obstacles or pedestrians from every angle. 360-degree automotive cameras often collaborate with additional ADAS functions such as collision prevention and lane-keeping assistance. This integration enhances the vehicle’s overall safety features and offers a more comprehensive and proactive approach to accident prevention.


7 Cars Featuring 360-Degree In-Car Cameras

Below are some popular cars equipped with 360-degree cameras.

Nissan Magnite

The Nissan Magnite, a stunning SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) renowned for its striking designs, is crafted with Japanese engineering and features a built-in 360-degree automotive cameras . Additionally, it offers a 7-inch digital instrument cluster and supports Wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

MG Hector

The MG Hector boasts over 75 connected car features along with a 7-inch digital driver display. It also includes a 14-inch touchscreen system and a 360-degree car automotive cameras integrated with ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System).

Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder

The Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder is a five-seater SUV equipped with a hybrid drivetrain. It showcases features such as EV mode, ambient lighting, a panoramic sunroof, ventilated front seats, 6 airbags, a wireless charging pad, and more. Additionally, this SUV comes with a 360-degree parking assist automotive cameras.

Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara

The Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara features a 360-degree camera that aids in starting and parking by providing a comprehensive view of the surroundings. Each of the front, back, and side cameras is linked to the display audio. Moreover, it comes equipped with all-wheel drive (AWD), ventilated seats, a panoramic sunroof, a head-up display, and more.

Maruti Suzuki Brezza

The Maruti Suzuki Brezza, available in four variants, is a five-seater car equipped with various safety features. These include up to six airbags, electronic stability control (ESC), hill-hold assist, seat belt reminders for all occupants, ABS with EBD, and rear parking sensors. Additionally, for enhanced safety, you can opt for 360-degree surveillance using a 360-degree car security camera.

Toyota Glanza

The 360-degree hawk-eye camera system on the Toyota Glanza ensures safe and effortless driving. The Toyota Glanza 360-degree camera delivers a smooth, high-quality panoramic aerial image, making driving highly safe and easy. With no blind spots remaining, you can see everything in 360 degrees, enhancing safety. Additionally, the Toyota Glanza 360-degree camera allows real-time adjustment of the four-way vision area.

Maruti Suzuki Baleno

The Maruti Suzuki Baleno marks a milestone as the first car in India’s premium hatchback market to feature a 360-degree camera. Specifically, its Alpha and V trim variants are the exclusive models equipped with this technology. Comprising four bird-eye cameras—one for the front, back, and sides respectively—the 360-degree camera enhances parking and low-speed maneuvers. With its connection to the display audio, drivers can perceive their surroundings in three dimensions, facilitating safer driving experiences.

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Emerging Trends in Automotive Camera Technology

In recent years, the automotive industry has seen significant technological advancements aimed at improving the overall driving experience and enhancing automotive safety. Among these advancements, automotive camera technology has emerged as a crucial player. Furthermore, the introduction of 360-degree car surveillance cameras has revolutionized the technology landscape, paving the way for future developments.

The progress and enhancement of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), incorporating features such as adaptive cruise control, automated emergency braking, forward collision warning, and lane departure warning, rely significantly on automotive cameras.


In conclusion, the incorporation of 360-degree automotive cameras into vehicles stands out as a pivotal technological advancement, greatly augmenting driving comfort, safety, and the overall driving experience. These automotive cameras cameras contribute to safer and more confident driving by mitigating visibility challenges, reducing blind spots, and offering drivers a comprehensive view of their surroundings. Explore Flywheel Cars online platform to explore a selection of used luxury vehicles equipped with 360-degree car cameras!


Q1: Is a 360-degree camera useful in a car?

A1: A 360-degree automotive camera is highly beneficial for drivers when parking and navigating through congested areas.

Q2: Can I install a 360-degree camera in my current vehicle?

A2: Yes, you can install a 360-degree car camera in your existing vehicle using aftermarket camera systems.

Q3: What is the cost of a 360 camera?

A3: The cost of a 360-degree camera for a car varies depending on the state and location.

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