2017 BMW X1 sDrive 20d: Expert Reviews and Specifications
2017 BMW X1 sDrive 20d: Expert Reviews and Specifications

2017 BMW X1 sDrive 20d: Expert Reviews and Specifications

June 6, 2024

Introduction Of 2017 BMW X1 sDrive 20d

The BMW X1 sDrive 20d 2017 is a standout model in the compact SUV segment, combining luxury, performance, and practicality. With its refined design and advanced features, it has garnered attention from car enthusiasts and everyday drivers alike.

Development and Impact

The BMW X1 series has evolved significantly since its introduction, establishing itself as a key player in the compact SUV market. Launched initially to offer a premium alternative in the burgeoning SUV market, the X1 series has consistently pushed the boundaries of design and performance. The 2017 model, in particular, solidified its position, offering improved efficiency and advanced technology, making a notable impact on the SUV segment.

2017 BMW X1 sDrive 20d Price In India.

Technical Specifications

Engine and Performance

The 2017 BMW X1 sDrive 20d is powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged diesel engine, producing 188 horsepower and 400 Nm of torque. This engine, paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission, ensures a smooth and responsive driving experience.

Transmission and Drivetrain

The 2017 BMW X1 sDrive 20d designation indicates a rear-wheel-drive layout, which enhances the driving dynamics by providing better weight distribution and handling.

Fuel Efficiency and Emissions

The vehicle boasts an impressive fuel efficiency, averaging around 20 km/l, and meets stringent Euro 6 emissions standards, making it an eco-friendly choice in its class.

Dimensions and Weight

The X1 measures 4,439 mm in length, 1,821 mm in width, and 1,598 mm in height, with a wheelbase of 2,670 mm. It weighs approximately 1,620 kg, balancing robustness with agility.

Design and Aesthetics

Exterior Design Features

The exterior of the 2017 BMW X1 sDrive 20d is characterized by its bold kidney grille, sleek LED headlights, and dynamic lines that convey a sense of motion even when stationary. The SUV’s muscular stance and aerodynamic silhouette are complemented by 18-inch alloy wheels.

Interior Design and Materials

Inside, the X1 offers a luxurious cabin with high-quality materials. The dashboard features soft-touch plastics, brushed aluminum accents, and a driver-centric layout. The seats are upholstered in premium leather, providing both comfort and support.

Color Options

The 2017 BMW X1 sDrive 20d is available in a range of colors including Alpine White, Black Sapphire, Mineral White, and Estoril Blue, allowing buyers to choose a finish that suits their personal style.

Comfort and Convenience

Seating and Upholstery

The 2017 BMW X1 sDrive 20d provides ample seating for five adults, with power-adjustable front seats that include lumbar support. The rear seats can be reclined for added comfort on longer journeys.

Climate Control and Air Conditioning

Dual-zone automatic climate control ensures a pleasant cabin environment, while rear air vents keep passengers comfortable in all weather conditions.

Infotainment System

The central infotainment system includes a 6.5-inch display, navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, and a premium sound system. The iDrive controller makes navigating the interface intuitive.

Storage and Cargo Space

With 505 liters of cargo space, expandable to 1,550 liters with the rear seats folded, the X1 is practical for everyday use and longer trips. Numerous storage compartments throughout the cabin add to its convenience.

Safety Features

Active Safety Systems

The X1 is equipped with features such as Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), and Cornering Brake Control (CBC), enhancing active safety.

Passive Safety Features

Standard passive safety features include multiple airbags, a reinforced passenger cell, and crash sensors. The SUV’s robust construction ensures high levels of occupant protection.

Driver Assistance Technologies

Advanced driver assistance systems like Parking Distance Control, Cruise Control with braking function, and Lane Departure Warning provide additional layers of safety and convenience.

Driving Experience

Handling and Ride Quality

The rear-wheel-drive layout and finely-tuned suspension system offer a balanced ride, combining comfort with responsive handling. The X1 excels in both city driving and on highways.

Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH)

BMW has meticulously engineered the X1 to minimize noise, vibration, and harshness. The cabin is well-insulated, providing a quiet and serene driving experience.

Driving Modes and Customization

Drivers can choose between various driving modes such as Eco Pro, Comfort, and Sport, allowing them to tailor the driving experience to their preferences.

Technology and Connectivity

Infotainment and Navigation Systems

The iDrive system includes a user-friendly navigation system with real-time traffic updates. The optional 8.8-inch display enhances the visual experience.

Smartphone Integration

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are available, ensuring seamless connectivity for smartphones, enabling access to apps, music, and calls on the go.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

ADAS features include Traffic Jam Assist, Collision Warning with City Braking, and Active Cruise Control, making driving safer and more convenient.

Performance and Efficiency

Engine Performance and Acceleration

The 2017 BMW X1 sDrive 20d accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 7.8 seconds, offering a blend of efficiency and performance. The turbocharged engine provides ample power for overtaking and merging.

Fuel Consumption and CO2 Emissions

With an average fuel consumption of 20 km/l and CO2 emissions of 132 g/km, the X1 is both economical and environmentally friendly.

Comparison with Competitors

When compared to rivals like the Audi Q3 and Mercedes-Benz GLA, the BMW X1 stands out for its superior handling, advanced technology, and fuel efficiency.

Maintenance and Reliability

Service Intervals and Costs

BMW recommends service intervals of 10,000 km or 12 months. The cost of maintenance is reasonable, thanks to BMW’s comprehensive service packages.

Common Issues and Solutions

Common issues include minor electrical faults and sensor malfunctions, which are typically resolved under warranty. Regular maintenance helps prevent major issues.

Warranty and Customer Support

The X1 comes with a standard 2-year unlimited mileage warranty, extendable to 5 years. BMW’s customer support is known for its efficiency and responsiveness.

Ownership Costs

Purchase Price and Depreciation

The initial purchase price is competitive within its segment. BMWs typically retain their value well, resulting in lower depreciation compared to some competitors.

Insurance Costs

Insurance premiums are moderate, reflecting the vehicle’s safety features and reliability.

Fuel and Maintenance Expenses

The combination of excellent fuel efficiency and reasonable maintenance costs makes the X1 a cost-effective choice over the long term.

Market Comparison

Comparison with Other Compact SUVs

In the compact SUV market, the BMW X1 stands out for its blend of luxury, performance, and practicality. It competes strongly against models like the Audi Q3 and Mercedes-Benz GLA.

Unique Selling Points of the 2017 BMW X1 sDrive 20d

Key selling points include its rear-wheel-drive dynamics, efficient diesel engine, and high-quality interior.

Pros and Cons


  • Excellent fuel efficiency
  • High-quality interior
  • Advanced safety features


  • Limited rear legroom
  • Higher initial cost

User Reviews and Feedback

Common Praises from Owners

Owners frequently praise the X1 for its fuel efficiency, driving dynamics, and high-quality interior materials. The infotainment system also receives positive feedback for its usability.

Common Criticisms from Owners

Some owners mention limited rear legroom and a firm ride as areas for improvement. However, these are often outweighed by the vehicle’s overall performance and quality.

Overall User Satisfaction

Overall, user satisfaction is high, with many appreciating the blend of luxury, performance, and practicality that the X1 offers.

Expert Reviews and Opinions

Auto Industry Expert Reviews

Experts commend the X1 for its engaging driving experience, efficient engine, and well-crafted interior. The vehicle’s build quality and technology also receive high marks.

Ratings and Awards

The 2017 BMW X1 sDrive 20d has received various awards for safety, design, and overall performance. It consistently ranks high in its segment.

Expert Opinions on Performance and Value

Experts view the X1 as a well-rounded package that offers good value for money. Its performance, coupled with BMW’s reputation for quality, makes it a top choice in the compact SUV market.

Future Prospects and Developments

Expected Updates and Facelifts

Future updates are likely to include advancements in technology, improved fuel efficiency, and minor design tweaks to keep the 2017 BMW X1 sDrive 20d competitive.

Long-term Market Outlook

The compact SUV segment is expected to grow, and the X1 is well-positioned to continue its success due to its strong brand reputation and evolving features.

Future Competition

Future competition will likely come from both traditional luxury brands and new entrants focusing on electric and hybrid models. BMW’s commitment to innovation will be key to maintaining its market position.

Buying Guide

What to Look for When Buying a Used 2017 BMW X1 sDrive 20d

When buying a used X1, check for a full service history, any signs of wear and tear, and ensure all electrical systems are functioning properly. A pre-purchase inspection by a trusted mechanic is advisable.

Dealership vs. Private Purchase

Purchasing from a dealership can offer more peace of mind due to warranties and certified pre-owned programs, while private purchases may offer better pricing but come with higher risks.

Financing and Leasing Options

BMW offers various financing and leasing options, including low-interest loans and flexible lease terms, making it easier to purchase or lease an X1.


What is the fuel efficiency of the 2017 BMW X1 sDrive 20d?

The 2017 BMW X1 sDrive 20d offers an average fuel efficiency of around 20 km/l.

How does the 2017 BMW X1 sDrive 20d compare to its competitors?

The X1 stands out for its superior handling, advanced technology, and fuel efficiency compared to rivals like the Audi Q3 and Mercedes-Benz GLA.

What are the common issues with the 2017 BMW X1 sDrive 20d?

Common issues include minor electrical faults and sensor malfunctions, which are generally covered under warranty.

Is the 2017 BMW X1 sDrive 20d a good value for money?

Yes, the X1 offers good value for money with its blend of luxury, performance, and practicality, along with strong resale value and reasonable maintenance costs.

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