Experience Luxury with the 2021 Range Rover Evoque 2-0 R-Dyn SE
Experience Luxury with the 2021 Range Rover Evoque 2-0 R-Dyn SE

Experience Luxury with the 2021 Range Rover Evoque 2-0 R-Dyn SE

June 15, 2024

The 2021 Range Rover Evoque 2-0 R-Dyn SE stands out as a striking blend of luxury, performance, and versatility. As part of the acclaimed Range Rover lineup, this model has carved its niche, appealing to those who desire sophistication with the capability to handle both urban and rugged terrains. Let’s delve into what makes this vehicle a standout choice.

Exterior Design

The 2021 Range Rover Evoque 2-0 R-Dyn SE boasts a sleek and modern aesthetic that turns heads. Its streamlined silhouette is complemented by sharp lines and a distinctive grille, embodying Range Rover’s signature elegance. Available in various vibrant and classic color options, the Evoque allows buyers to express their personal style while ensuring it remains a timeless piece of automotive art.

Interior Comfort and Features

Step inside the 2021 Range Rover Evoque, and you are greeted by a luxurious interior that prioritizes comfort and sophistication. The seating is crafted from high-quality materials, offering both comfort and support for long journeys. The cabin is equipped with ambient lighting, a panoramic sunroof, and state-of-the-art infotainment systems that ensure every drive is a pleasurable experience.

2021 Range Rover Evoque 2-0 R-Dyn SE Price In India

Performance and Engine Specifications

Under the hood, the 2021 Range Rover Evoque 2-0 R-Dyn SE is powered by a robust 2.0-liter turbocharged engine. This powerplant delivers an impressive 246 horsepower, ensuring brisk acceleration and a responsive driving experience. Coupled with a nine-speed automatic transmission, the Evoque balances performance with fuel efficiency, making it a practical choice for diverse driving needs.

Driving Experience

The Evoque excels in providing a smooth and refined on-road performance, thanks to its advanced suspension system and precise steering. But what truly sets it apart is its off-road prowess. With all-wheel drive and terrain response systems, the Evoque can tackle challenging landscapes with ease, making it a versatile vehicle for adventurers.

Safety Features

Safety is paramount in the 2021 Range Rover Evoque 2-0 R-Dyn SE. It comes equipped with a suite of standard safety features, including multiple airbags, stability control, and advanced driver-assistance systems. Technologies such as lane-keeping assist, emergency braking, and a surround-view camera system enhance driver confidence and passenger safety.

Technology and Connectivity

The Evoque’s infotainment system is both intuitive and feature-rich. The dual touchscreen setup provides easy access to navigation, media, and vehicle settings. Smartphone integration is seamless with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, ensuring drivers can stay connected on the go. Additional tech features like a premium sound system and wireless charging pad add to the convenience.

Cargo Space and Utility

Despite its compact size, the Evoque offers commendable cargo space. The rear seats can be folded to increase the storage capacity, making it adaptable for various needs. Whether it’s grocery shopping or a weekend getaway, the Evoque’s utility is one of its strong suits, blending practicality with style.

Trim Levels and Options

The Evoque 2-0 R-Dyn SE is available in multiple trims, allowing buyers to choose a configuration that best suits their preferences. Each trim level comes with its unique set of features and customization options, from upgraded upholstery to advanced tech packages, ensuring that there is an Evoque for everyone.

Pricing and Value

The MSRP for the 2021 Range Rover Evoque 2-0 R-Dyn SE starts at a competitive price point, reflecting its premium nature. When considering the array of features, performance capabilities, and luxurious touches, the Evoque offers good value for its class. Financing and leasing options are also available, making it accessible for a wider range of buyers.

Competitors in the Segment

In the luxury compact SUV segment, the Evoque faces competition from the likes of the BMW X1, Audi Q3, and Mercedes-Benz GLA. While each of these models has its merits, the Evoque stands out with its unique combination of off-road capability, luxury, and advanced technology.

Maintenance and Reliability

Routine maintenance for the Evoque includes regular oil changes, tire rotations, and brake inspections. Reliability ratings are generally favorable, with the Evoque performing well in long-term durability tests. The cost of ownership is comparable to other luxury SUVs in its class, with the added benefit of Range Rover’s reputation for quality.

Pros and Cons


  • Stylish and modern design
  • Luxurious and comfortable interior
  • Excellent off-road capability
  • Advanced safety and technology features


  • Limited rear-seat space
  • Infotainment system can be complex
  • Higher price point compared to some competitors


The 2021 Range Rover Evoque 2-0 R-Dyn SE is a compelling choice for those seeking a luxury compact SUV that doesn’t compromise on performance or style. With its blend of elegant design, robust performance, and advanced features, the Evoque stands out in a crowded market. Whether navigating city streets or exploring off the beaten path, the Evoque delivers a driving experience that is both enjoyable and reliable.


Is the 2021 Range Rover Evoque good for off-roading?

Yes, the Evoque is equipped with all-wheel drive and terrain response systems, making it highly capable off-road.

What is the fuel economy of the Evoque 2-0 R-Dyn SE?

The 2021 Range Rover Evoque 2-0 R-Dyn SE offers a competitive fuel economy for its class, averaging around 21 MPG in the city and 26 MPG on the highway.

How much cargo space does the Evoque offer?

With the rear seats up, the Evoque provides ample cargo space, which can be expanded by folding down the rear seats to accommodate larger items.

Are there any common issues with the 2021 Evoque?

Some users have reported issues with the infotainment system’s complexity and occasional glitches, but overall, the Evoque is considered reliable.

What are the main competitors of the Evoque 2-0 R-Dyn SE?

Key competitors include the BMW X1, Audi Q3, and Mercedes-Benz GLA, each offering unique features and benefits in the luxury compact SUV segment.

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